Specialization of the Law Firm Aspect in the sphere of company law is to resolve most complicated problems, based on the conflict between the company participants or members or with a third party.

The conflict can be current – when it has to be resolved urgently to retain the company activity and its assets.

The conflict can be anticipated – when the main task of the lawyers is to reveal and prevent the conflict and provide the protection of our client’s interests.


We do not deal with simple procedural matters such as company registration or liquidation but challenging tasks, high risks and business saving.


Law Firm Aspect has accumulated 12-years experience in this field being involved in:

  • optimization of the enterprise internal structure (group of enterprises), defining the weak points, anti raid activity, company reorganization and restructuring;
  • legal support of deals concerning purchase and sale of business, including share sale in share capital, company assets sale, conducting a complex legal check (due diligence);
  • protection of the minority shareholder’s rights, getting access to accounting and other documentation;
  • return of shares alienated in an illicit way, restoring the records in the shareholders’ register;
  • recovery of assets in the interest of  the company and initiated by a member;
  • appealing the decisions of government and municipal bodies, altering and amending constituent documents;
  • reestablishing the company control ;
  • bringing to liability a negligent director, claiming and recovering damages;
  • dismissing a negligent shareholder, whose actions do not let the company function effectively and have caused losses to the company.


Law firm Aspect has extensive practical experience in business protection sphere, having participated in large corporate wars when around 20 cases are considered simultaneously, law-enforcement authorities’ audits are conducted and Mass Media attacks take place, criminal cases are initiated and other dirty technologies are used. In Russian corporate conflicts the parties keep fighting until the complete elimination of the opponent and common business. In Europe corporate conflicts are conducted in a more civilized manner – the parties cooperate to evaluate the situation and agree upon their mutual benefit before the real conflict takes place.


If a corporate conflict is going to occur and there is a potential threat to your business, our professional team of experienced lawyers can help you salvage your business.


Specialists in this sphere

Stepan Mataev (Managing Partner)
Dmitry Medvedev (Head of Practice Company Law)

The results of the law companies annual ratings conducted by the Russian National Rating Pravo.Ru-300 show that Law Firm Aspect included nomination The best regional law firms in Russia in Litigation
in 2016
in 2015
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