Pressure, constant checks, fines, administrative and criminal cases – all these factors constitute the reality that every businessman is faced with.

One can succeed in defending their legal rights and legitimate interests and save business provided all legal tools, nonstandard decisions and unique skills and possibilities are used.

Law Firm Aspect offers the following services in this sphere:

  1. Preparation for checks and legal support while inspections and checks by state and municipal authorities are conducted.
  2. Defence in administrative offence cases.
  3. Legal support in disputes with state and administrative bodies, among which appealing illicit decisions and actions (failure to act) of state and municipal bodies, as well as recovering losses caused by illicit actions.


To protect business from any illicit actions it is wise to exploit the following measures:

  1. Change the inner attitude. According to the current tendencies, the State guarantees protection for entrepreneurs and demands to stop “scaring” the business leaving separate tools and possibilities. Unfair or far too scrupulous officials fear competent legal responses, they fear being liable for their illegal actions. This position should be taken into consideration protecting your rights.
  2. Realize your legal rights and opportunities in a competent and consistent way, get prepared for the checks in advance, attract experienced professionals who can assist you in creating the right interaction and actively appeal all illegal actions. For instance, at the initial stage it is vital to conduct competent and confident correspondence with the inspecting authorities based on personal positive experience and judicial practice. In this case the inspecting officials may retreat and start searching for a “weaker victim” to avoid arguing the legitimacy of their actions before a court in response to the complaints and compensating court expenses.
  3. Act in an original, nonstandard way and know the right course of actions when filing a complaint to achieve the result.

Специалисты в данной сфере:

Mataev Stepan (Managing Partner)

Medvedev Dmitry (Head of Practice Company Law)

Певцов Андрей (Адвокат)

The results of the law companies annual ratings conducted by the Russian National Rating Pravo.Ru-300 show that Law Firm Aspect included nomination The best regional law firms in Russia in Bankruptcy
in 2018
The results of the law companies annual ratings conducted by the West Siberian Law Chamber in the nomination “Litigation” show that Law Firm Aspect took
1st place – in 2014
2nd place – in 2013
1st place – in 2012
The Agricultural Department organized complex pressure on LF Aspect’s Client
Damages caused to the building contractor have been partially recovered from city Administration
The Firm’s lawyers have prevented a check by the Tyumen region Department of Labour and Employment
The arbitration court found illegal and revoked 11 resolutions
The provisions of the resolution of the Tyumen region Government infringing the hunting land usufruct have been found illegal
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